23 May to 28 June 2020


Daniëlle Frenken (Amersfoort) has always been fascinated by the animal kingdom. She isfascinated by the fact that humanity wants to document, preserve, reseach, displayand integrate this beauty into man’s artificial life. She tries to capture the intrinsic beauty of nature in her work and combines this with anthropogenic, industrial materialsand references. This symbolizes the contrasts between culture and nature and illustrates the traces of humankind on nature.

Karin Hoogesteger (Zutphen) approaches painting as she would do philosophy: throughher works she digs into the core of existence. The process is more important than the result itself.The result of her constant research, however, is breathtaking in his peaceful suggestive power.Abstract lines or strange elements in a dreamy landscape reinforce the sense of melancholyand poetry that her paintings evoke.

Tanya Janssen (Zutendaal) has overpopulation and its consequences as a theme in her work. It creates aggression and isolation. We are cut off from our own nature. In her paintings, the viewer peeks from behind plant growth to the world that man has created. But Tanya also paints fairytale forests that are full of sunlight, beautiful but also ominous.

Bo de Jong (Middelburg) depicts abandoned landscapes in her paintings that seem imaginary. There is usually a human figure present who emphasizes abandonment. Bo enlarges details from nature and places them next to schematically painted surfaces. There is more between heaven and earth. Circles, dots and diamonds dance through the landscape and form configurations like in the starry sky. Everything is magical, especially the unspoiled nature.