Mats Petersson

The artist Mats Petersson and the author M Berg sought the future in a project in 1996.
They chose Japan which was then far ahead of Europe with new technology and related complication. One of them is the robot piano player; ‘ A challenge to make the robot as erotic as possible to get as close to the border between machines and people.” 
Today, 23 years later, we live in that future.
Working exclusively with a Hasselblad camera,
Swedish photographer Mats’ portrait work and reportage have taken him on assignment worldwide.
He is the recipient of several grants and scholarships from various Swedish Arts foundations.
His photographs have been exhibited internationally, published widely, and his fine art work is held in several private collections.
A working artist all of his life, Mats still comes back to the work of Diane Arbus for artistic inspiration,
 and as he says, “In times of uncertainty, Arbus is my compass.”–Mats Petersson

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